2023 Wugong Mountain Dialogue held in China

Publish: 11:16 AM, November 30, 2023

The “2023 Wugong Mountain Dialogue” was grandly held in the Wugong Mountain Scenic Area, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province on 26-28 November 2023.

Representatives from domestic and foreign friendly tourist attractions, internationally renowned outdoor experts from more than 20 countries, including Russia, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, and South Korea, and internationally renowned outdoor industry partners gather together and have an in-depth dialogue focusing on the “future development of mountain outdoor”.

In the mountain outdoor salon activities, the participating guests had a lively exchange on “Experience and Practice in the Development of International Mountain Outdoor Destination” and “The Development Path of the Wugong Mountain Tourism Industry from an International Perspective”.

This event brings together global vision and international experience to discuss the outdoor industry’s future development direction and trends jointly. At the same time, it will set up a comprehensive platform and borrow “ships” to go out to sea and actively display and promote the high-quality tourism resources of Pingxiang Wugong Mountain to the world.

After the dialogue on the future development of mountain outdoors, in the afternoon, the event arranged an outdoor trip to Wugong Mountain in the clouds, inviting international friends, tourism experts, outdoor celebrities and other guests to hike and climb mountains to experience the popular form of outdoor sports and feel the charm of an outdoor paradise “Wugong Mountain”.

The domestic and foreign guests also walked together to the top of the mountain! In early winter in Wugong Mountain, the sky is clear and the meadows are golden. Here, guests can have an overview of 100,000 acres of alpine meadows, experience natural romance, and feel the beautiful scenery of Yunzhong Grassland.

An international student from Morocco said this is a mountain tourist resort and an outdoor paradise. I like this place so much.

A bonfire party in the clouds was held at the Meadow Starry Sky Outdoor Camp at night. Along with the blazing bonfire, everyone could appreciate the unique outdoor cultural heritage of Wugong Mountain and immerse themselves in the style of the alpine meadow.

As China’s first outdoor tourism destination, it has unique natural resources, magnificent alpine meadows, sunrises and sea of clouds, and rich scenes suitable for outdoor sports such as hiking and camping. It has always attracted people from all over the world to come here. In the future, more people will visit Wugong Mountain and feel the charm of outdoor tourism in Wugong Mountain!