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Dr Fakhrul Islam Babu 孫逸仙 is running for Hong Kong District Council Election

Publish: 9:25 AM, November 1, 2023

Bangladeshi-origin Chinese citizen Dr ISLAM Muhammad Fakhrul Babu (孫逸仙) has submitted his nomination to run for the district council election in Hong Kong from the Yau Tsim Mong South Constituency.

As of now, it comes from the source that five more candidates also submitted for running the district council election from the Tsim Mong South Constituency.

Dr Babu, a business management professional, has been deeply engaged with Rotary International for a long and does social work through various social organisations in Hong Kong.

Dr. Babu intends to work for the People and serve harmony. Like everyone else, Dr Babu, as a Hong Kong citizen, hopes that society can develop faith and bring the voices of ethnic minorities into the election campaign. At the same time, he is also concerned about issues such as education, medical care, and the lives of the elderly. He proposed the new “Three Principles of the People,” which are ethnic harmony, public opinion as the root, and people’s livelihood as the foundation to serve the residents of Yau Tsim Mong.

He appealed, let us work together to promote racial inclusion and build an equitable, inclusive, and harmonious society! 讓我們攜手合作,促進種族共融,構建一個公平、包容、和諧的社會.