Give the thumbs-up to Chinese spirit

Publish: 2:10 PM, February 3, 2022

Sino Bangla Online Desk: During the years I studied in China, what touched me the most is the Chinese spirit.

I really like watching volleyball games, and I especially like the Chinese women’s volleyball team. I believe that anyone who likes the sport likes the Chinese women’s volleyball team because they dare to fight and are not afraid of difficulties. When they overcame all the difficulties and won the gold medal in the Rio Olympics in 2016, I learned the word “Chinese spirit” for the first time from the news reports.

In early 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic broke out in Wuhan, Central China’s Hubei Province, and many people were infected. What’s even groovier is that the time was near the Chinese Spring Festival, during which the traffic was so heavy that it would very easily cause the spread of the virus throughout China.

Faced with this urgent situation, the Chinese government decisively ordered Wuhan to be locked down, requiring every place to be carefully investigated and tested to stop the spread of the epidemic to the maximum extent possible at the first time. Chinese people also trusted their government so much that they stayed at home and didn’t meet others.

Such a situation is not possible in many other countries. In the U.S., many people used “freedom” as a slogan and met openly during the epidemic, causing the virus to spread very quickly. However, in China, some capable people volunteered and served others without complaint. Though not in China, I learned many touching stories from my teachers and classmates.

The dedication of Chinese medical personnel who sacrificed their lives for others especially called forth in me a feeling of respect. They were all ordinary people, and it is the selfless dedication of these ordinary people that has led China to win this smokeless war quickly.

While blocking the spread of the epidemic, the Chinese government has accelerated the development of the COVID-19 vaccine. China developed the vaccine quickly and the vaccine is very safe. After it was successfully developed, the Chinese government made another important decision to give the vaccine to its people for free.

The Chinese government has displayed its graciousness as a big country. China didn’t just focus on its domestic epidemic but also reached out to neighboring countries. After the epidemic was under control, China quickly sent medical teams to other countries to help. These practices have won the praise of the people of other countries and have been well received by the whole international community. How is this fraternity not a manifestation of the Chinese spirit?

I believe that the Chinese spirit is embodied in all aspects. Patriotism is the Chinese spirit. Mutual assistance is the Chinese spirit. Indomitability is the Chinese spirit. And conscientiousness is also the Chinese spirit. These Chinese spirits are found in every aspect and every bit of Chinese people’s lives. That the Chinese women’s volleyball team does not give in to defeat, does not bow down to difficulties, and fight courageously is the Chinese spirit.

That in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic, Chinese people are united in their determination to fight the epidemic is the Chinese spirit. That Chinese people are not afraid of difficulties, are brave to pioneer and innovate, and are actively making new developments in all walks of life is the Chinese spirit. And that the ordinary Chinese people live a peaceful life, work hard, respect the elderly, and love the young is nothing else but the Chinese spirit.

As an international student in China, I feel that China has changed a lot. These changes are the result of the traditional Chinese cultural spirit driving the Chinese people to work harder and innovate constantly. I love China! I want to applaud the Chinese spirit! I believe that China will become stronger and stronger!

This article is written by Tunchanok Detprasit, a Thailand student studying at Guangxi Universit to China Daily.